Ultraflex Heavy Duty Flexible Fabric Fingerwrap Bandage 3/4″ X 4-3/4″ 25/box

Adhesive Bandages

This adhesive bandage category is where you will find famous brand names as well as quality generic first aid products offered in first aid kit dispenser boxes, retail boxes and in bulk.

You’ll recognize  many of the brand names we represent here in this category like American White Cross the First Aid Brand, J&J, CoverletMedi-First and Hart Health and all are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Check out the following subcategories for different bandage types and styles.

Whatever shape or size adhesive bandage that you are looking for we have them all including fingertip, knuckle, patch, sheer strips and heavy woven you’ll find them all right here. The variety here includes water proof bandages, cartoon character band-aids for kids, specialized adhesive bandages for smaller injuries, high visibility, metal detectable, wound closure, extra-long, extra small, band-aids, you name it we have it. For more information on adhesive bandages please read our blog post “The Sticky Business“.

Adhesive bandages is a category that you are going to want to bookmark and return to often as new first aid products in this category are on the way. Coming up in weeks to come we will be introducing Ultraflex and Blisterflex both from hart health.

First Aid Tip to keep in mind. We call it clean, treat and cover. Always remember to cleanse your minor injuries with an effective first aid antiseptic to knock down the chance of infection. Before you apply your bandage you should also consider treating the wound with an antibiotic ointment or cream.

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