Foamtec Blue Foam Metal Detectable Adhesive Strip Bandages 1″ x 3″ – 50/box

High Visibility & Metal Detectable Bandages

First Aid Supplies Online offers an excellent selection of quality High Visibility and Metal Detectable, blue bandages. They are affectionately referred to as hi vis blue bandages or blue band aids and they are the standard for the food processing industry. They are also popular in many restaurants or just about any kitchen where food is prepared for people by people. First Aid Supplies Online is your source for a complete line of blue bandages as well as the blue metal detectable bandages. Our entire line of hi vis bandages or high visibility bandages feature aggressive adhesives for extended staying power and your choice of tough woven elastic fabric or plastic foam for comfort and safety. These bright blue bandages are eye catching and hard to miss so they won’t be served up in todays’ chef’s special.

The integral metal detectable strip is large enough to set off the alarm but behind the padding so it won’t cause discomfort or get in the way.

In addition these quality bandages come in the most popular shapes and sizes such as the 1”X 3” strip, the extra-long steps, the extra-large fingertip and the classic knuckle bandage. For additional convenience they are packed in convenient first aid kit dispenser boxed with tear off tops.

Also popular with the high visibility bandages are the blue finger cots.

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