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Industrial First Aid Cabinets & Stations

All of our industrial first aid kits are filled to meet or exceed the new ANSI Z308.1-2015 standards for Class A type kits that went in to effect June 2016.

In the Industrial First Aid Cabinets & Stations sections you will find 18 of the most commonly used first aid kits for industry, business and institutional use. These kits are packed in wall mountable steel cabinets with carry handle. All of our industrial first aid kits meet or exceed all OSHA regulations and ANSI standards so compliance is a snap. Each medical aid kit is filled with quality first aid products that meet or exceed the most recent regulatory standards; the most current of which is the new ANSI Z308.1-2015 (American National Standards Institute - which is the Minimum Requirements for Workplace First Aid Kits and Supplies) which supersedes Z308.1-2014 and Z308.1-2009.

This newly revised ANSI standard introduces two classes of first aid kits: "Class A kits with contents designed to deal with most common types of workplace injuries, and Class B kits with broader range and quantity of supplies to deal with injuries in more complex or high-risk environments."

All of these industrial first aid kits are filled to meet or exceeds the new ANSI standard Z308.1-2015 for a Class A kit and are labeled as such. As the vast majority of our business customers will be well suited for this type of kit, we have decided to address Class B kits separately. You can refer to the illustration on our latest blog post to see the difference between the two classes of industrial first aid kits.

The main difference between the two classes is that the Class B medical aid kit that we'd like to draw your attention to is that the Class B medical aid kits are required to have a splint and a tourniquet. The vast majority of our business customers will do well with the Class A kits which is why we have focused on them. In the event that your workplace is well off the beaten path, isolated from emergency services or doing extremely hazardous work then you might want to consider the Class B kit. For more detailed information on the new ANSI standard visit our ANSI Z308.1-2015 Compliance Page.

Frist Aid Supplies Online has a large selection of ANSI compliant Class A industrial first aid kits for your workplace and they provide exceptional value because like all of our kits here at Frist Aid Supplies Online we assemble them ourselves out of fresh inventory. Fresh inventory builds mean that you get the best expiration dates and won't get stuck with a kit that was assembled and has been in a distribution pipeline for a year or more.

Our ANSI compliant first aid cabinets provide exceptional value as well as keeping you prepared for everyday injuries like cuts and scrapes, bumps and contusions, burns and much more. All of our kits provide generous quantities of quality first aid products so that you will be prepared to clean, treat and cover just about any minor workplace injury

Be sure and keep your OSHA 200 log close to your industrial first aid kits so that your employees can log their injuries while the incident is fresh in their mind.

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