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Why Choose First Aid Supplies Online?

At First Aid Supplies Online, we offer the highest quality first aid products at the best prices, with the quickest service in the online marketplace. Our first aid supplies are invaluable to every day first responders and trusted by professionals to treat your injuries in times of crisis. With over 20 years in the first aid and safety service industry, First Aid Supplies Online continues to offer exceptional product technology and service to customers nationwide. In that time, First Aid Supplies has developed commercial first aid kits for national companies like Subway, Starbucks Coffee, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, as well as similar industrial first aid kit solutions for cities and government institutions.

As you can see, First Aid Supplies Online provides the quality that is demanded by you, your organization and first aid responders alike. For the best care possible during a first aid crisis choose First Aid Supplies Online for your wound care needs. View our selection of first aid products and first aid kit refills or contact us to find a customized solution for your emergency first aid kit requirements.

We look forward to serving your first aid supply needs and thank you for choosing to shop with us.

Our Founders

First Aid Supplies Online was founded in 1989 as Synergy Logistics, Inc. by Chris Westwood and Vicki Streit. Chris and Vicki got their experience and developed their skills working together at a big Northwest Safety Equipment distributor in the 1980’s. Like so many entrepreneurs before, their experience taught them that “big” was not necessarily synonymous with good or excellent. They came to believe that if they had their own company and could provide the excellent customer service everyone else just talked about that they would have a successful company.

Large enough to do the job but still small enough to care, Synergy Logistics, Inc. dba First Aid Supplies Online is a closely held family owned and operated corporation. Although  Vicki retired September 30, 2016, Chris still actively manages the company and remains committed to our mission.Unlike so many companies operating on the internet, your input and feedback are heartily encouraged. You can contact Chris via email Chris@firstaidsuppliesonline.comor call us toll free1-800-874-8767

Our History

In the spring of 1989 Chris and Vicki launched their fledgling first aid and safety service company. Operating out of the basement of Chris’ home they started offering quality first aid and safety products along with their excellent customer service to the local businesses in the Puget Sound Region of Western Washington. In the fall of 1992 having outgrown Chris’ basement the business moved to the Cloverdale Business Park in South Seattle where the business remains today moving into larger spaces as growth dictates.

1996 was a watershed year for the growing company as Chris decided to investigate the emerging internet technology. In the spring of 1997 First Aid Supplies Online.COM became a reality. In 1999 we launched our first commercial website and nothing has been the same since. Reaching out to the worldwide market has spurred explosive growth. 2018 begins our 19th year serving businesses, institutions and individuals of all kinds via the internet.

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