3″ Cotton Tip Applicators 1,000/Box


Sterile dressings are at the core of first aid wound care and no first aid kit is complete without a good selection of them. The medical dressing found here will help you and your first aid kit to be prepared to treat a wide variety of wounds from cuts and abrasions to puncture wounds and other serious bleeding injuries. For serious burns you should refer to our Burn Treatment category.

The dressings subcategory includes the BloodBlocker™ compress and large trauma dressings to help stop the bleeding along with smaller sterile ABD pads and gauze sponges for lighter duty bleeding control and wound care. In addition to stopping the bleeding we included an occlusive dressing and nonadherent pads for wound coverings.

The BloodBlocker™ compress is a multipurpose emergency compress bandage that was designed to help treat serious bleeding cause by traumatic injuries. It features a robust non-stick wound pad attached to two rolls of gauze that can be used to wrap the wound and add compression. In the event of serious bleeding the BloodBlocker is larger enough to be used for direct pressure. The occlusive trauma dressing we offer is the Petrolatum Gauze Strip from Covidien® measuring 3″ X 36″ which makes it a very versatile occlusive dressing selection for your first aid kit.

Sterile ABD pads and gauze sponges come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are sold individually so that you can buy the kind you want for your individual first aid kit needs. Sterile ABD pads come in two popular sizes, 5″ X 9″ and 8″ X 10″ long with its companion 10″ X 30″ multi-trauma dressing. Also found in this wound care subcategory we also feature non-adherent pads, moleskin, cotton tip applicators, sterile eye pads and the ever popular triangular bandage.

With this wide variety of quality first aid products and wound care supplies all sold individually as well as in bulk, we make it easy and cost effective to restock your first aid kit supplies.

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