1″ Cohere Self Adherent Wrap – Individual 2/pack

Tapes, Wraps & Dressing

The Tapes, Wraps & Dressing category also know as wound care, is divided into fivesubcategories:


Scroll through and click on the gauze wrap picture for a full size view and description of the product. Subcategory Wraps includes ace-type bandages and Coban Cohesive bandages; Adhesive Medical Tape includes triple cut tape, 3M hypoallergenic tape, waterproof tape and Zonas Porous Cloth tape; and Gauze Pads & Rolls has sterile gauze pads, gauze wrap and rolled gauze bandages in many different sizes and quantities. We offer non-sterile cotton tip applicators, instant ice packs by the single unit and by the economical bulk pack case, and your favorite blue finger cots in large dispenser boxes or small quantity bags. Under ABD, Trauma & Telfa Pads you will find BloodBlocker compress wound and trauma dressings, sterile ABD pads, and Vaseline Petrolatum gauze wrap dressings.

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