Ban-Acid Maximum Strength Antacid Tablets – 75 packet/box

Generic Antacids

Everybody suffers from heartburn, acid indigestion, upset stomach and the occasional unpleasant case of diarrhea from time to time. It is no accident that generic antacids, indigestion tablets and heartburn tablets are one of the best-selling product lines at First Aid Supplies Online.COM 

So in our generic antacids category we offer top quality antacid products featuring two of the most popular generic formulas, bismuth subsalicylate and calcium carbonate in chewable tasty tablets of various sizes. These two formulas compete with the top popular brands Tums and Pepto-Bismal for our budget minded shoppers.

All of our generic antacids are packaged in tamper resistant dose packs of two tablets each served up in user friendly first aid kit dispenser boxes. Also included are a variety of indigestion tablets and heartburn tablets.

We included in this subcategory one generic anti-diarrheal tablet which comes in a standard retail pack and are not recommended for use in workplace first aid kits.

Our featured product in this subcategory is Medique’s Ban-Acid Maximum Strength antacid tablets. These chewable antacids pack a whopping 750 mg of calcium carbonate per tablet, compare that to Hart Health’s Nutralox at 420 mg per tablet and you’ll see why we feature this outstanding product.

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