Waterproof, Indestructible, Adventure First Aid Kit – Large

Emergency First Aid Kits

Emergency First Aid Kits for fast response to urgent first aid needs and life-threatening injuries. We offer First Responder Kits; Emergency Supplies; Stretchers, Cots & Backboards; Oxygen/Resuscitation supplies; and Bloodborne Pathogen Supplies.

First Responder Kits come in a multitude of sizes and styles from professional EMT major trauma kits, waterproof harsh environment/disaster kits, fanny packs, soft-sided bags with roll-out deployment of emergency first aid supplies, and even a kit specifically for stopping severe bleeding.

FASO First Responder and Major Trauma Kits are filled to meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI Z308.1-2015 Standards are custom designed and loaded with high-quality first aid supplies and equipment.

Emergency First Aid Kits contain survival/rescue blankets, bite sticks, portable SAM splints, Save-A-Tooth preservation system, snake bite and insect sting kits, first aid guidebooks, wilderness first aid manual, ammonia inhalants, slings, multipurpose wound/trauma dressing, and more. Some urgent situations and emergency response professionals will also require stretchers, folding cots, backboards and portable oxygen units.

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