Hydrogel Emergency Fire/Trauma Blanket – 36″ x 30″

Emergency Burn Blankets

At First Aid Supplies Online we recommend hydro-gel emergency burn blankets or fireproof blankets where ever serious life threatening burns can happen. It is no longer just good enough to put out the fire as we now have the ability to start treating the burns at the same time for immediate burn treatment. Old school taught us to use a wool blanket and roll the burn victim in the blanket to extinguish the flames and that works. If that’s what comes to hand in an emergency and it’s all you have then by all means put that fire out.

On the other hand, if you have a situation where you do want to be prepared with the latest and most effective technology then you want a hydro-gel saturated emergency burn blanket.

We feature the Cool Blaze brand of burn blankets because they are a leader in the burn care industry with a completely re-engineered formula and the first major changes to hydrogel burn dressing in over 20 years. Cool Blaze is clear (so you can see the burn), has a thicker viscosity (will stay on the burn) is odorless (no tea tree oil) and contains Aloe Vera to aid in healing. Cool Blaze manufactures two sizes of emergency burn blankets and we feature them both here on our site along with the entire quality line of Cool Blaze hydro-gel products.

For more detailed information on Cool Blaze fire protection blanket products please visit their website.

Hydrogel burn products work because they act as a heat transfer between the burn and the air much like water does when you are thawing something out of the freezer (notice thawing happens much faster in water than in the air.) This heat transfer is what stops burn progression and reduces the damage that burns cause. That in a nutshell is why these burn blankets are so much more effective than their old fashioned cousins made of wool.

These emergency burn blankets have not only saved lives but speeded the recovery of the burn victims by limiting the damage a serious burn can do. So if there is a real potential risk of serious burns then we do recommend investing in one of the Cool Blaze emergency fire blankets which come in two convenient sized. Each Cool Blaze fire protection blanket comes packed in a rugged Mylar pouch inside a durable nylon carry bag with handles.

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