2″ x 6″ Hydrogel Sterile Burn Dressing – 1/dressing

Hydrogel Burn Dressings

First Aid Supplies Online is proud to feature Cool Blaze hydrogel burn dressing in this burn treatment subcategory. Cool Blaze hydrogel burn dressings are our first choice for burn care whenever and wherever moderate to serious burns can occur.

Minor burns can be handled with cold running water or topical hydrogel, but for larger more serious burns you really need to have a hydrogel burn dressing, something substantial to put on the burn and there are several compelling reasons to do so. First, getting a hydrogel dressing on a burn as quickly as possible will reduce the damage a burn can do. Once removed from the heat, the burn will continue to progress unless and until It is cooled down. Hydrogel for burns does an excellent job of doing just that, acting as a heat transfer that quickly pulls the heat out of the burn stopping burn progression in its tracks.

Secondly, hydrogel burn dressing relieves the pain of a burn quickly without application of topical anesthetics that some people are allergic to. Additionally, serious burns can blister and in some cases penetrate the skin. The hydrogel for burns then becomes a protective cover to guard against infection.

Finally, once the burn gel is applied and burn progression is stopped, the patient will be more comfortable. Now you are now able to transport the injured person to seek medical attention if required.

Cool Blaze hydrogel burn dressing comes in four convenient sizes and are packaged in tough Mylar pouches so that they will hold up well in just about any first aid kit type. We feature Cool Blaze hydrogel burn dressings in all of our Industrial first aid kits and Emergency Burn first aid kits.

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