Basic Emergency Burn Kit

Emergency Burn Kits

This important subcategory is named appropriately emergency burn kits because burns are serious injuries and if you work or live in a place where a moderate to severe burn is a possibility then you have a potential emergency on your hands and you need to be prepared for that emergency.

Our emergency burn kits come in three sizes to accommodate a large range of needs beginning with the Basic Emergency Burn Kit. This kit comes equipped with enough hydrogel impregnated sterile bun dressings to cover up to 32 square inches of burn injury and an additional burn gel and basic rolled gauze and adhesive tape for bandaging after treatment if necessary.

We advise that if you can anticipate burns larger or more serious than this that you choose one of our larger burn treatment kits and consider one of the Cool Blaze hydrogel fire blankets.

Our multi-purpose emergency burn kit is designed for environments where burns are an expected everyday occurrence and serious burns are a reasonable expectation. This kit is equipped with plenty of gel burn products for smaller everyday burns, but also has a robust collection of sterile hydrogel burn dressings, enough to cover up to 208 square inches of burn injury.

Our Industrial Emergency Burn Kit was designed for industrial workplaces where moderate to severe burns are regularly anticipated and where the potential for life threatening burns are present. This kit is equipped to treat up to 432 square inches of burn in jury anticipating multiple victims we always recommend that you purchase this kit with at least one of the Cool Blaze Emergency blankets.

For more information on burn treatments see our Burn Treatment Category.

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    Basic Emergency Burn Kit


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    Industrial Emergency Burn Care Kit


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    Multi-Purpose Emergency Burn Kit


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