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First Aid Wipes & Swabs

Medical Wipes & Swabs 

First aid wipes and medical swabs is our subcategory which contains the necessary items you need in your workplace first aid kits to address the chance of infections and fighting germs. In this subcategory, you will find sterile alcohol prep pads, antiseptic BZK wound wipes, PVP Iodine medical wipes, hand sanitizers and hard surface disinfectants.

Our antiseptic wound wipes are made to help you knock down the chance of infection when you sustain an injury that breaks the skin like a cut, scrape or contusion. If the skin is broken you want to liberally apply an antiseptic before you treat and bandage that wound. The active ingredient in these painless wipes is Benzalkonium chloride referred to as BZK. This is a very effective germ killer that is tough on germs but gentle on the skin so they aren’t painful to use. These wound wipes are individually packaged to prevent cross contamination and convenience. Simply tear open the pack and apply the wipe directly on to the wound. Once dried you could apply some antibiotic ointment or first aid cream before applying a bandage.
We also offer the standard sterile alcohol prep pads in a number of different counts from 50 to 2,000. Alcohol prep pads have an established place in first aid but never for use as an antiseptic on open wounds. Not only does is sting like crazy but it will actually damage tissue. So keep the sterile alcohol prep pads for cleaning places around a wound, cleaning up instruments or other hard surfaces.
PVP Iodine wipes are offered in this subcategory and are very popular. They work very much the same way BZK does, except that the active ingredient is PVP. The down-side of these particular antiseptic medical wipes is that PVP stains. The stain will go away in time but you need to be aware.
In addition to the antiseptic medical wipes, we also offer in the subcategory hand sanitizer gel and hard surface disinfectant cloths that can be used in cleaning up after a bodily fluid spill or just general clean up and disinfecting a hard surface after being exposed to people or another germ source. An example of that would be to sanitize the first aid cot after use in the first aid room.

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  • Antiseptic Wipes - 20/box - display viewAntiseptic Wipes - 20/box - display view
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    Antiseptic Wipes – 20/box


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  • Alcohol Wipes 50 count box - front viewAlcohol Wipes 50 count box - display view

    Alcohol Wipes/Prep Pads – 50/box


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  • Alcohol Prep Pads - 100/box - front viewAlcohol Prep Pads - 100/box - front view

    Alcohol Prep Pads Large- 100/box


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  • Alcohol Prep Pads 2000 count case - in box veiwAlcohol Prep Pads 2000 count case - display view

    Alcohol Prep Pads – 2000/case

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  • Hand Sanitizer 3.5 grams 25/box - front viewHand Sanitizer 3.5 grams 25/box - open view
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    Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel – 25/box


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  • 155399 Handsanitizer .9gram 25box155399 Handsanitizer .9gram 25b0x Rear

    Instant Hand Sanitizer, .9 gram 25/box


    Instant Hand Sanitizer, .9 gram 25/box.

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  • Personal Antimicrobial Wipes - 100/box - front viewPersonal Antimicrobial Wipes - 100/box - display view

    Personal Antimicrobial Wipes – 100/box


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  • Sani-Cloth Plus Wipes DispenserSani-Cloth Plus Wipes Dispenser

    Sani-Cloth Plus Germicidal Disposable Wipes – 160/dispenser


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