Ultraflex Heavy Duty Flexible Fabric Fingerwrap Bandage 3/4″ X 4-3/4″ 25/box

Heavy Duty Industrial Bandages

This sub category features the heavy duty industrial bandages also known widely as woven adhesive bandages are made especially for the tough work environment and are considered the industry standard. These quality adhesive bandages are made of heavy duty elastic fabric and coated with aggressive adhesives so that they will stay on all day even in the most demanding work places. The complete line of heavy duty bandages are latex free and come in self dispensing first aid kit boxes with tear off tops. Heavy duty industrial adhesive bandages come in seven popular styles, they are; the classic 1 X 3 strip, extra long strip, fingertip regular, extra-large fingertip, knuckle and the 2 X 4 elastic patch.

If you are looking for a top quality bandage but don’t need the tough performance of the heavy duty thick bandages then we would recommend that you have a look at our light fabric bandages or plastic sheer bandages subcategories.

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