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Unitized Kits

In the unitized first aid kit category you will find the four popular sizes of unit first aid kits in both steel and plastic kit boxes. The four popular sizes are ten unit, sixteen unit, twenty-four unit and thirty-six unit. The size of the kit refers to how many standard units will fit in to the kit box.

The ten unit will hold ten, the sixteen will hold sixteed etc. Please note how ever that there are a number of unit fist aid products that come in double size unit boxes so they would necessarily reduce the total number of first aid products in your kit. A good example of the double size unit would be thesmall instant ice pack. Another would be theeye wash and pads unit.

Because unitized first aid kits are designed for specific uses, they aren’t for everyone and we seldom recommend them for use as a primary first aid kit.  Where these kits really shine is when you need a first aid kit in a remote location that may or may not be indoors or on vehicles.  They are always a good selection in these types of situations and they easily qualify as a type III or type IV ANSI kit as they can be mounted, are portable and can be placed indoors or outdoors.

Unit first aid kit boxes are manufactured to stringent ANSI standards to hold up in the toughest environments both inside and out.  So if you need an first aid kit in a remote place or vehicle they are the way to go.

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