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Scissors & Shears

The first aid scissors and medical shears subcategory narrows down the instruments general category so you can focus on a first aid kit essential. Every first aid kit should have a pair of trauma scissors and here you will find your choice of a good quality but inexpensive steel kit first aid scissors, and two versions of stainless steel trauma scissors including the sharp point and classic Lister Bandage scissors. Any of these paramedic scissors will do a fine job cutting bandages and tape for you but if you want to get through a belt or a leather boot then you are going to want to invest in a Paramedic Shear. Only 5-1/2” long our shears will cut through the toughest clothing and leather boots so you can get to an injury to treat it. In fact, these medical shears are so tough that you can literally cut through a copper penny with them.

We’ve also put the Emergency Seat Belt Cutter in this subcategory along with a scissors & forceps unit box for those of you who have unit first aid kits.

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