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Advil Ibuprofen Tablets – 50 packet/box


Advil the original Ibuprofen packaged for the workplace.

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Advil pain reliever/fever reducer tablets from Wyeth. Each easy to swallow, coated Advil tablet contains 200mg of Ibuprofen (NSAID).  Advil is a non-steriod anti-inflamatory drug. Workplace dispenser box contains 50 sealed, tamper resistant individual Advil packets of two tablets each (100 tablets total).

Use Advil ibuprofen tablets for relief of headache, toothache, minor pain of arthritis, muscular aches, menstrual cramps and to reduce fever.  Complete drug facts will be found on the back of the package along with detailed instructions on how to use this product. We also offer an alternative generic ibuprofen product.

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