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Waterproof, Indestructible, Adventure First Aid Kit – Large


Waterproof, Indestructible, Adventure First Aid Kit

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Exclusively from First Aid Supplies Online; the Waterproof, Indestructible Adventure First Aid Kit or WIAFAK.   We think the name says it all!

This largest of the WIAFAKs  comes packed with the first aid supplies you’ll need on the road to adventure packed in to a rugged waterproof, crush proof Boulder Case.

The WIAFAK was designed to make sure you are prepared whether on the road or on an adventure.  We put the basic necessary first aid supplies in to a tough Boulder Case so that you could take it with you no matter what the conveyance.  The whole idea is to keep your essential first aid kit dry and in pristine condition should you need it.

This kit will survive in just about any enviornment, in fact Boulder Case guarantees these cases for life.  If you break it they will replace it for you at no cost.  If it goes in the water it will keep your supplies dry down to 80 feet and it will float to the surface.  Take it up in your airplance and the case has a pressure relief valve.

Checkout the kit contents below they have been very carefully thought out to treat the kind of injuries you might expect on the road or on adventure.

Kit Dimensions:

External:  12.81″ X 10.36″ X 6.64″

Internal:  11.93 X 9.02″ X 5.98″

Kit Contains:

  • (1) Mylar Rescue Blanket
  • (10) Antiseptic BZK Wound Wipes
  • (10) .5 grams Triple Antibiotic Ointment Doses
  • (2) Pair Sterile Eye Pads w/Adhesive Strips
  • (16) 1″ x 3″ Sheer Strip Adhesive Bandages
  • (6) 2″ x 4-1/2″ Adhesive Patch Bandages
  • (1) 3″ x 5 yds Cohere Cohesive Wrap
  • (1) 4″ x 5 yds Cohere Cohesive Wrap
  • (4) 4″ x 4.1 yds Sterile Rolled Gauze Bandage
  • (3) Bulky Kerlix Bandage 4-1/2″ X 5 yds
  • (4) Sterile 5″ x 9″ ABD Trauma Pads
  • (3) Sterile 8″ x 10″ ABD Pads
  • (10) 2″ x 3″ Sterile Non-Adherent Pads
  • (2) 1″ x 5 yds 3M Micropore Tape
  • (2) Sterile Eye Wash 1 oz. Squeeze Bottle
  • (1) 2″ x 6″ BurnFree Hydrogel Burn Dressing
  • (2) 4″ x 4″ BurnFree Hydrogel Burn Dressings
  • (1) 4 oz. Squeeze Bottle BurnFree Burn Gel
  • (1) SWAT-T Tourniquet/Stretch Wrap
  • (1) SAM Splint, 4″ x 36″
  • (1) CPR, AED and Basic First Aid Pocket Reference Guide
  • (1) Laerdal CPR Shield
  • (1) Insta Glucose
  • (1) Wound Seal Rapid Response Blood Clotting Powder
  • (1) 7-1/2″ EMT Shear
  • (1) Plastic Forceps 4-1/2″ Disposable
  • (2) Nitrile Exam Gloves, 2/pair

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Weight112 oz
Dimensions12.81 x 10.36 x 6.64 in


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