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Emergency First Aid Kits

The Emergency First Aid Kits category features emergency first aid kits for fast response to urgent first aid needs and/or life threatening injuries. Check out the five subcategories of First Responder Kits; Emergency Supplies; Stretchers, Cots & Backboards; Oxygen/Resuscitation; and Bloodborne Pathogen Supplies.

First Responder Kits come in a multitude of sizes, styles and purposes ranging from professional EMT major trauma kits, waterproof harsh environment/disaster kits, fanny packs, soft-sided bags with roll-out deployment of emergency first aid supplies, and even a kit specifically for stopping severe bleeding. FASO First Responder and Major Trauma Kits are filled to meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI Z308.1-2015 Standards are custom designed and loaded with high quality supplies and equipment that offer great value and savings. In addition to emergency first aid kits, there are a number of other emergency supplies that are important to have on hand.

The Emergency First Aid Kits subcategory provides survival/rescue blankets, bite sticks, portable SAM splints, Save-A-Tooth preservation system, snake bite and insect sting kits, first aid guide books, wilderness first aid manual, ammonia inhalants, slings, multipurpose wound/trauma dressing, and more. Some urgent situations and emergency response professionals will also require emergency hardware such as stretchers, folding cots, backboards and portable oxygen units. These two subcategories offer a select range of affordable options so being prepared is a snap. In modern times, all emergency first responder trauma kits should include access to bloodborne pathogen supplies.

Whether they are included in a first aid kit or kept together as a separate unit, clean up kits and personal protective equipment are important for cleaning up and properly disposing of bodily fluids such as blood, vomit, urine and used needles. The Bloodborne Pathogen Supplies subcategory offers complete clean up kits, fluid control solidifiers, various sharps containers, and biohazard bags and wipes. A key element to preparedness is to carefully consider exposure to danger and risks by individuals and organizations alike. Think, plan, act. And when you act, choose with confidence for quick, reliable service; knowledgeable customer assistance; excellent first aid products and supplies, and last but not least, value and savings. We've got you covered.

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