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WoundSeal Stop Bleeding Powder - 2/applications

WoundSeal Stop Bleeding Powder - 2/applications

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  Brand: Biolife
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28 UOC353CS

WoundSeal Stop Bleeding Powder - 2/applications

WoundSeal from QR is a topical powder to stop bleeding that works by combining with blood and forming an instant, protective seal/scab. Use WoundSeal powder on external wounds that have blood such as cuts, punctures, skin tears, avulsions, nosebleeds, and even wounds that may later require sutures. Ingredients are a non-toxic mixture of hydrophilic polymer and potassium ferrate. Apply directly to wound and apply pressure for 15-30 seconds.

Powder to stop bleeding not biologically derived, not a vasoconstrictor or a cauterizing agent, will not stain, burn, damage or scar skin. Hypoallergenic. WoundSeal powder does not rely on blood's natural clotting mechanism to stop bleeding so it can be used by people who bleed easily or are on anticoagulants or antiplatelet drugs, aspirin therapy, or other blood thinning medications.

Sold in one first aid kit dispenser box with two squeeze applicators (two applications total count) AND/OR by the box that contains three clear plastic packages of two pour packets each (six applications total count).


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