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Celox Stop Bleeding Hemostatic Granules – 15 gram/pouch


Celox Hemostatic Granules 15 gram

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Celox hemostatic granules by BioStat LLC stop bleeding fast, including blood containing heparin, coumadin or warfarin.  Apply absorbent granules directly to wound and apply pressure for about 30 seconds.  On contact, Celox binds to the surface of red blood cells to form a gel-like plug.  Stops bleeding in smaller wounds within seconds and controls mild to potentially life-threatening arterial bleeding within minutes.

Celox is made of chitosan, a derivative of chitin which is extracted from shrimp shells and has proven antimicrobial properties.   It works without generating heat or burning, without stimulating the body’s own clotting process, is effective in hypothermic conditions, and is easily irrigated from wounds when patient presents for further medical treatment.

Celox products come in sterile, waterproof packaging in multiple sizes and quantity designed for use by EMS professionals as well as people with basic first aid skills.  Celox is fast, effective first aid in any type of bleeding incident ranging from minor cuts, severe puncture or other deep wounds caused by accidents, workplace equipment, knives, guns and shrapnel.

Blood stop function compares to Bleed Arrest, Quick Clot and Wound Seal.

Package contains one 15 gram pouch.  This size and quantity Celox is recommended for use in first responder kits by EMS professionals only.

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