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Stop Bleeding Products

First Aid Supplies Online offers one of the most comprehensive selections of cutting edge stop bleeding products available on the internet. For you BleedArrest fans just in case you missed the banner message on our home page and don't happened to be on our opt-in email list please be advised that Hemostasis, LLC the makers of BleedArrest products had discontinued their entire line of over the counter stop bleeding products.

Stop the bleeding is the very important first step when rendering first aid. Control of the bleeding is paramount and has saved countless lives so we believe you should be prepared to stop the bleeding with the very best of 21st century stop bleeding products. Direct pressure, pressure point and elevation are all excellent techniques to learn and you may even resort to the use of a tourniquet but these are all techniques that were developed in the last century before we had modern stop bleeding products. These modern products to stop bleeding use similar technology and are highly effective.

Whether you are looking for blood clotting powder, hemostatic gauze or stop bleeding granules you will find them all right here at competitive pricing. We don't handle Quick Clot but we do have Celox Granules, Wound Seal Rapid Response and Blood Stop Hemostatic Gauze. We've got the products for minor to severe bleeding including bloody noses. All of our quality bleeding control products work with people who are on blood thinners. These high quality, state of the art products can be used to stop the bleeding fast whether it is a bloody nose, lacerations, cuts or abrasions. No first aid kit is complete without a bleeding control product.

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