BloodStop Hemostatic Gauze 10/box Assorted Sizes - front view

BloodStop Hemostatic Gauze Assorted Sizes – 10/box


BloodStop Hemostatic Gauze Pads adhere to a wound and stop bleeding in 1 minute or less. Package contains two 2″ x 2″ and eight 1″ x 1″ sterile hemostatic gauze pads.


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BloodSTOP hemostatic gauze is a natural, biocompatible, non-irritating, animal-free material that adheres to a wound, absorbs blood, stops bleeding, and forms a protective layer to create an environment for wound healing. Its water solubility allows it to be rinsed off without disruption to the clotted surface.

Composed of etherized, oxidized, regenerated natural cellulose. Hemostatic sterile gauze pads can be used on any skin surface cut, scrape, or razor nick, and inside nostrils to stop nosebleeds.

Stops bleeding in one minute or less with no irritation, heat, inflammation, or redness. Can be used for or by anyone with surface wounds whether a minor cut or a major injury.  Safe for all ages.  Hypoallergenic.

Assorted gauze pads package contains two 2″ x 2″ and eight 1″ x 1″ sterile hemostatic gauze pads with illustrated instructions.

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