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Blood Borne Pathogen Kits & Supplies

Blood Borne Pathogen Kits & Supplies
This subcategory is added in here under the larger category Emergency First Aid Products because use of these types of products many times are associated with, well emergencies. The need for these products may not always be an emergency but considering what they do it will probably be an urgent need.
Blood Borne Pathogen Kits & Supplies are all tools to help us use universal precautions which the CDC, Center for Disease Control defines as, “an approach to infection control to treat all human blood and certain human body fluids as if they were known to be infectious for HIV, HBV and other bloodborne pathogens.
That means when finding yourself in that type of situation that you use the tools to protect yourself from infection.
If someone is having a bad day and vomits on the floor you can’t just mop it up. If there is a serious injury and you end up with blood on the floor it needs to be cleaned up properly and if you are trying to aid someone who is bleeding then you need wear the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment).
So to help you be prepared to use universal precautions we’ve assembled a dozen popular products for your consideration. These products includes both basic bodily fluid spill clean up kits and clean up kits with PPE. We feature Safetec’s Red Z fluid control solidifier in the 15 oz shaker and the 3.5 pound bucket. Here you can also find the basic PPE including surgical face masks, Impervious gowns and an assortment of bio-hazard disposal options including both bio-hazard bags and sharps containers.

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