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Emergency First Aid Products

The Emergency First Aid category contains first aid products to assist you in various emergency situations. These quality emergency first aid products are offered up in four broad subcategories.

The stop bleeding products subcategory comes first naturally. Here you will find cutting edge emergency first aid products that will help you address moderate to serious bleeding injuries with confidence. Stopping the bleeding is the first and primary function in emergency first aid. In this critical subcategory you will find stop bleeding products from five well know brand names to choose from. They include BloodStop hemostatic gauze, Wound Seal stop bleeding powder, Nasal Cease Foam Strips, Chito Sam and Celox. Each of these exciting products takes a slightly different but effective approach to bleeding injuries. These products will help you to be prepared for a bloody nose and minor bleeding or step up and be prepared for moderate to serious bleeding. Whatever your need, you'll find a suitable stop bleeding product in this subcategory.

The second subcategory is blood borne pathogen kits and supplies. In this subcategory you will find kits and supplies to clean up bodily fluid spills large and small and the means with which to dispose of them. These kits are equipped and designed to help you use universal precautions for your safety. In addition you will find sharps container and bio-hazard disposal bags.

The third subcategory is emergency equipment. These are the odds and ends that you might want to consider having in your first aid kit for specific situations such as knocked out tooth, poisoning, low blood sugar, shock and trauma.

Next in line is the splints and stretchers subcategory. We put these guys in the same subcategory because many times they do go together. This subcategory pretty much speaks for itself. We are proud to offer famous Junkin Safety emergency first aid products as our stretcher brand and the equally famous Sam Splint as our go to splint product.

Lastly we offer our first aid guides you should have one in your first aid kit, especially for emergencies

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