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IvyX Poison Oak & Ivy Barrier – 25/box


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IvyX Pre-contact Towelettes by CoreTex.  Easy to use towelette provides an invisible barrier to protect against poisonous plant oils commonly found in poison oak, poison ivy and poison sumac.  Non greasy, sticky or clay-like; dries quickly and is almost unnoticeable on the skin.  Poison ivy protection is sweat and water resistant, yet washes off with just soap and water.  Apply IvyX pre-contact barrier before possible contact with poisonous plants; effective immediately upon application.

Individually wrapped 5″ x 8″ poison ivy towelettes sold here by the individual packet or the 25 count box.

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Weight 8.9600000079014 oz
Dimensions 2.5 x 5.75 x 4 in



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