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Topical Burn Treatments

Burns are an all too common type of injury that requires first aid treatment. Burns injuries have been challenging for the layman because there were different approaches or protocols on how to treat burns. There is the dry protocol which says put nothing on a burn, and wet protocol which basically says to cool the area with a liquid topical ointment for burns, usually sodium chloride.

We are very fortunate today because of the development of hydrogels. Pioneered in the 1980’s, hydrogels have proven over time to be the most effective topical ointment for burns ever created.

At First Aid Supplies Online we are proud to offer the Cool Blaze line of hydrogel burn products and feature their products in all of our Emergency Burn Kits. Cool Blaze is a completely redesigned product that has taken hydrogels to a new level of effectiveness. Cool Blaze’s hydrogel is a clear burn treatment ointment which makes it easier to see the injury, has a thicker viscosity so it stays on the burn better and is made with Aloe instead of Tea Tree Oil to aid in the healing process.

Hydrogels are 99.9% water and acts as a heat transfer vehicle pulling the heat out of the burn easing the pain naturally by the natural cooling of the gel. Once the burn quiets down the gel rinses off with water.

We always recommend hydrogels as the go to topical burn treatment in any first aid kit and it is available in a 4 oz. squeeze bottle and 1/8th oz. foil doses. If serious burns are anticipated then we recommend one or more of the Cool Blaze burn dressings which range in size form 2” X6” to 12” X 12”.

For serious life threatening burns we recommend the Cool Blaze burn blankets.

In this subcategory you will also find more traditional burn products that many still demand. First aid burn cream in assorted sizes is available for example, as well as sodium chloride and old fashioned burn spray. We don’t recommend burn spray as a topical burn treatment because it is petroleum based and although it has a pain reliever in it, it does nothing to cool the burn and can actually trap heat in to a burn a do more damage.

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