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2″ x 6″ Hydrogel Sterile Burn Dressing – 1/dressing


Sterile Hydrogel Burn Dressing, 2″ X 6″

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Cool Blaze Sterile Burn Dressing.  A completely re-engineered hydrogel of 95% de-ionized ultra pure water thickened into a high viscosity odorless gel with the addition of essential skin revitalizing vitamins and minerals from Aloe Vera.  Dressing consists of open-cell flexible foam carrier impregnated with advanced formula gel packaged in barrier foil package sterile by irradiation.  A single application of one dressing is an effective first-aid measure on burns.

Lightweight and easily transported; efficiently covers burn; complete delivery of hydrogel to the burn site area yet elastic enough to accommodate swelling and joint movement; non adherent inert foam will not shed threads, strands or fibers; keeps wound moist and provides protection from contamination.  To use hydrogel dressing remove from package and apply directly to wound, secure lightly.

Compare to Burn Aid and Water Jel.  One single use 2″ x 6″ dressing ideal for hands, feet and smaller areas.

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Dimensions 2 x 0.1 x 6 in


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