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First Aid Ointments & Creams

First Aid Ointment and Creams

In the first aid ointment and creams category you will find the topical first aid treatments that have become the standard for treating minor cuts, scrapes and contusions.
When you receive one of those types of injuries you should always clean, treat and cover the wound. Clean with a sterile wash or antiseptic wipe then add your topical treatment of your choice followed up by a good adhesive bandage to protect the wound and promote healing.
For everyday first aid treatment, we recommend the triple antibiotic ointment for several compelling reasons not the least of which is that it is very effective at fighting infection because it is the generic equivalent to the famous Neosporin. Of course, we do offer the famous Neosporin in this category in both the convenient unit dose and the ½ oz. tube when only the name brand will do.
Another popular topical first aid treatment is first aid burn cream which is a popular product for minor burns because it contains a topical anesthetic Lidocaine for pain and Benzalkonium Chloride to kill germs and fight infection. This versatile first aid cream can be use on minor cuts and scrapes as well as minor burns.
What else falls in to this category may not necessarily be considered a first aid treatment but are popular in many first aid kits. Sold almost as often as the triple antibiotic ointment is the hydrocortisone cream because of it powerful ability to ease itchy dry skin and rashes. Hydrocortisone cream can help alleviate the they discomfort and itching caused by poison oak, ivy and sumac, insect bites, soaps and detergents and numerous skin conditions. Again, this fabulous topical antibiotic cream is available in both unit doses for workplace first aid kits and tubes for individual use.
Included in this less than urgent but necessary category are Biofreeze pain relieving gel, A&D ointment and the ever-popular Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. Rub Biofreeze on your aching muscles and joints for quick pain relief from arthritis strains and bruises. A&D ointment and Vaseline are good for chapped dry skin, seals out wetness and temporarily protects minor cuts, scrapes and burns.
First aid ointments and creams are an integral part of just about any first aid kit and it’s hard to imagine one without them. Choose here from the best options for the topical first aid treatments and healing ointments that make the most sense to you for your individual first aid kit. Whether for home or play at work or leisure we’ve got the right first aid ointments or creams for you.

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