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Antiseptics First Aid

First aid antiseptic products are an essential part of any first aid kit because a vast majority of the injuries we sustain in life involve insults to the skin. The skin is out front in terms of protection for our bodies and it takes a lot of punishment that we take for granted because of modern antiseptics. Our immune systems can and do a lot to fight off infections but it’s always a good idea to give it some help.

Give your body some help with antiseptic liquids when you get hurt and chances are you’ll heal up and forget about it fast. It wasn’t always so easy. Minor injuries we suffer today could get infected and cost someone their life not so long ago.

Providing first aid antiseptic products for a first aid kit has never been easier. Browse our Antiseptics Category where you will find a broad selection of quality antiseptic products to choose from. In this category you will find sub categories for Ointments & Creams, Wipes & Swabs and Bottles & Sprays.

Scroll through Ointments & Creams at First Aid Supplies Online to find the famous Neosporin and its’ generic cousin Triple Antibiotic Ointment, First Aid Burn Cream, and Hydrocortisone cream in tamper resistant foil does.

In the Wipes & Swabs subcategory you will find topical first aid antiseptics such as Wound Wipes, Alcohol Prep Pads, PVP Iodine Wipes, Hand Sanitizer and germicidal disposable wipes.

Moving on to Sprays & Bottles, you’ll find the usual round up offered in both first aid antiseptic spray and pour bottles. Your selection includes antiseptic liquids, such as Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol, Wound Antiseptic First Aid Spray, Blood Clotting Spray, Spray Bandage and Saline Wound Antiseptic Wash.

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