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Flexible Fabric Elastic Strip Tufflex Bandage 1″ x 3″ 50/Box


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Tufflex from Hart Health, these are the industry standard!  Top quality, heavy duty, water resistant, LATEX FREE elastic strips just like the ones the big van service companies sell.  Fifty 1″ x 3″ individually wrapped sterile bandages packed in a user friendly first aid kit dispenser box with tear-off-top. 

 Hart Health #1076

So, what can you expect from the Tufflex Elastic Strip from Hart Health?  This quality adhesive fabric bandage is modeled after the heavy woven elastic strips that were pioneered by the van first aid companies back in the 1970’s.  Back then they were made with a top quality woven fabric and used very aggressive latex adhesives.  The idea was to produce a superior, industrial strength fabric bandage for the workplace, one that would stay on in even the toughest environments and in large part they succeeded.

Today we are still using the best quality woven fabric and aggressive adhesive but the latex is long gone.  ANSI or American National Standards Institute in conjunction with the ISEA, International Safety Equipment Associate produced a new standard for the first aid industry in 2009 that essentially banned latex.  From that day forward almost all bandage manufacturers switched over from latex and that’s a big bonus for you folks that are sensitive to latex. 

When you are ready for a Tufflex Strip, each elastic strip bandage is individually packaged to prevent cross contamination and packed with a convenient chevron that allows you to literally pull the package apart exposing the sterile strip.  The adhesive side of the fabric bandage is covered in protective release paper which also features the chevron opening.  As you separate the release paper you will see the exposed adhesive side and the non-stick pad set up as an island.  With the non-stick set up as an island you will get a complete adhesive seal around the pad keeping the wound fully protected.

Whether you put it on a straight or curved surface you will find that Tufflex quickly adheres to any clean surface, put a little pressure on to seal and this quality elastic strip is going to stay on all day long.

So far, I’ve been extolling the upside of this excellent product but we want you to have the whole picture so we need to tell you that one of the side effects of the aggressive adhesive is that the elastic strip bandage will be difficult to remove which could be painful and it will also leave a sticky residue where the adhesives bound to the skin. If you’re looking for a tough elastic strip bandage and the sicky residue doesn’t bother you then Tufflex is the way to go for you.  If you’d like something a little more gentle the we’d recommend you have a look at the Liteflex from Hart Health or Coverlet.

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