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Burn Treatment

The Burn Treatment Category has four subcategories.

In subcategory Emergency Burn Kits you will find large and small first aid kits that contain hydrogel burn dressings and hydrogel solution specifically to treat burns. These first aid burn kits can be wall mounted, and the can also serve as your portable  grab-and-go burn kit. Subcategory Sterile Burn Dressings offers individually packaged large hydrogel burn dressings and hydrogel saturated burn sheets to cover large areas of the body. Pain Relieving Burn Gel, Sprays & Ointments contains the smaller packaged hydrogel burn dressings, liquid hydrogel packets, pump sprays, and creams for small to moderate burn events. Fire/Trauma Blankets subcategory includes medium and large size hydrogel saturated blankets that come sealed in a portable nylon bag, and the standard wool blend style rescue/fire blanket with and without carrying case.
The quality burn care products we feature here in the burn category focus primarily on hydrogels.  Hydrogels were invented in the early 1980's by researchers that were looking for a more effective way to treat serious burns.  Hydrogels have been around almost 30 years now but many people don't know how effective this type of treatment can be so we highly recommend that you buy hydrogels for your first aid kit whether at home or on the job.
Why hydrogels?  The beauty of hydrogels is that they are 99.99% water and they act as a heat transfer.  When applied to a burn, they literally transfer the heat of the burn away from the victim reducing what's known as burn progression.  As the heat is reduced, so is that damage a burn can do and reduce the pain as well.  We still sell a lot of burn cream and burn spary because old habits die hard but we recommend hydrogels for burns every time.

Topical Burn Treatments

Hydrogel Burn Dressings

Emergency Burn Blankets