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Critters, Bites & Stings

The Critters, Bites & Stings category has three subcategories:  Sting and Bite Relief; Poison Oak & Ivy and Sunscreen and Skincare.   Click on the product picture for a full-size view and description.

Scroll through the Sting and Bite relief subcategory to view our offering of quality first aid products including, the Sawyer Extractor snake bite kit and Sawyer tick plier, as well as BugX bug repellant, BuxX48 repellant patch, Sooth-A-Sting swabs and wipes, StingX wipes, Sting Thing for land and marine, and Tecnu Insect Repellent with DEET.
The second subcategory is Poison Oak & Ivy where you will find IvyX Poison Oak & Ivy pre-contact and post-contact towelettes and anti-itch topical antihistamine spray.
 Finally Sunscreen & skincare subcategory contains SunX spray, sunscreen pouches in large and small quantities, SunX in the popular 4 oz. pump spray and the ever popular SBS 40 Medicated Skin Cream

Sting & Bite Relief

Poison Oak & Ivy

Sunscreen & Skin Care