Purell Hand Sanitizer is a brand of GOJO Industries, Inc. The brand and its products were created to support healthcare, and hospitality professionals to maintain personal hygiene, while reducing the spread of germs. The brand offers over 35 products, which include sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizers, jelly wraps, and hand sanitizing gels, in various mixtures, dispensers, and packaging. First Aid Supplies Online (FASO) offers Purell’s hand sanitizing wipes. These are designed to clean, moisturize, and sanitize your hands. The solution comprises 62% alcohol, which allows for 99.9% elimination of germs. The wipes are offered in first aid kit dispenser boxes, with easy tear off tops. Each box contains 16 wipes.

FASO is offering Purell hand sanitizing wipes in a closeout special short date. The products are being offered at half the original price until August 2016.


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