Ban-Acid Maximum Strength Antacid Tablets – 75 packet/box


Medique Products is the manufacturer of quality first aid and safety supplies for minor workplace injuries or accidents. Its products are supplied to support the work of occupational health professionals, nurses, and safety directors. Medique also provides supplies to workplace health departments, schools, sports institutions, and correctional health facilities through their national distribution network. The organization product line includes over the counter (OTC) tablets, adhesive bandages, tapes and gauze, trauma bags, and first aid cabinets. First Aid Supplies online provides numerious first aid products from Medique to customers. These comprise tablets for pain relief, cough, allergies, and diarrhea; electrolyte replenishers, and strip, finger, and knuckle bandages. All products are provided in boxes with varied packet quantities. The electrolyte replenisher is available with 50 packets per box, while the extra strength pain killers can be provided with 250 packets per box.

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