Coverlet Brand 4-Wing Adhesive Patch Bandage 3″ X 3″ – 50/box


Coverlet is a well-known brand of clinical supplies which includes their light fabric adhesive bandages for first aid and emergency situations. These quality adhesive bandages are regularly used in the clinical setting but have become very popular in the industrial market as well. The bandages are light, flexible, and accommodate the shape of the body part without hampering movement. They are latex free, and promote wound healing. The Coverlet bandages are known for their quality manufacturing, ability to stay on to the injured part and yet easy to remove. First Aid Supplies Online (FASO) provides the complete line of Coverlet adhesive bandages including the strip dressing types, as well as dressing for small digits, fingertips, knuckle, and adhesive patch bandages. These are all provided in boxes ranging from 50 to 100 bandages per box.

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