Cool Blaze Burn Gel – 4 oz./bottle

Cool Blaze

Cool Blaze’s Aloe Vera burn care products are developed to treat minor cuts, scrapes and burns. These products do not contain benzocaine, or lidocaine, and are odorless. When applied to the damaged area, the product soothes the skin, and provides temporary first aid relief. First Aid Supplies Online (FASO) provides Cool Blaze’s burn gel, and sterile burn dressing in different sizes. The burn care gel is made from de-ionized water, and is the only Aloe Vera hydrogel product available in the industrial market. This product is provided in boxed quantities of 25 packets, as well as 4 oz. bottles. The sterile burn care dressing consists of soft foam, and is filled with the burn gel. These dressings are provided in various sizes to meet different first aid burn emergencies.

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