Celox A Hemostatic Granules – 6 gram/plunger applicator


The Celox product line was developed by Medtrade Products, a leading medical device company. These products are designed for wound care of grazes, minor cuts, and lacerations. They are ideal for stopping nose bleeds, sports injuries, and outdoor activities, and can be used with blood thinners as well. Celox products are shipped to hospitals, suppliers, as well as retail stores worldwide. First Aid Supplies Online (FASO) provides Celox hemostatic products to customers, which can stop bleeding within 30 seconds from application. These are available in gauze and granule forms. The granules are provided in pouches, and are available for individual, or bulk packages. Applicators for 6 gram hemostatic granules is also available. All Celox products are produced adhering to FDA and ISO 13485 regulations.

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