3M Steri-Strips Adhesive Skin Closures 1/4″ x 3″ – 3 strip/packet


3M is a global science organization that produces over 60,000 products for various application areas, including homes, offices, schools, and hospitals. In personal healthcare, the organization provides numerous products across four categories – first aid, exfoliation sponges, compression legwear, and braces and supports. First Aid Supplies Online (FASO) offers various types of 3M’s hypoallergenic tapes, and sterile adhesive strips for skin closures. The steri-strips are great alternatives to general band aids. The individually wrapped strips are available in different sizes. The hypoallergenic tape is easy to tear off and apply to thin, fragile, or damaged skin. The tape is available in various lengths, and is offered in single rolls, or in a 12 roll box.

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