City Of Kent First Aid Supply Inventory Worksheet

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Product nameImagePriceQuantityProduct nameImagePriceQuantity
Hart Health BloodBlocker Absorbent Trauma Dressing - 1/dressing packBloodBlocker Compress - front view$4.19
Rolled Gauze Bandage 2" x 4.1yds - 1/bandage - Rolled Gauze Bandage 2" x 4.1yds - 1/bandageRolled Gauze Bandage - 2$0.98
Triangular Bandage 40" X 40" X 52"Triangle bandage in a unit box - front view$1.52
Burn Free Hydrogel Burn Gel20sd6 Burnfreeburngel$3.99
Hart Health Sterile Eye Pads with Adhesive Strips - 4/unit boxSterile eye pads unit - front view$2.02
Personal Antimicrobial Wipes - 100/box - Personal Antimicrobial Wipes - 12/bagPersonal Antimicrobial Wipes - 20/bag -front view$2.38
Sterile Combine ABD Pad 5" x 9" - Sterile Trauma Pad 5" x 9" - 1/padSterile ABD Pad - 5$0.79
First Aid Eye Wash - 4 fluid oz.4 oz. sterile eyewash - front view$3.37
Newly Revised for ANSI Z308.1-2015 First Aid GuideFirst Aid Guide - front view$2.05
Hart Health Small Instant Ice Pack - 1/unit boxSmall instant ice pack - front view$1.93
Latex Exam Gloves Large - 2 pair/bagLatex exam gloves, two pair bag.$0.95
Disposable Metal Kit TweezerMetal Kit Tweezers - left view$0.92
Laerdal Disposable CPR Shields -10/box - Laerdal Disposable CPR Shields -1/pouchLaerdal Disposable CPR Shield single pouch - front view$3.34
Paramedic Shears 7-1/2"Paramedic Trauma Shears - 5-1/4$3.99
Flexible Fabric Elastic Strip Tufflex Bandage 1" x 3" - 50/BoxFinger Wrap Extra Long Bandages$4.41
Hart Health Flexible Fabric Elastic Tufflex Fingertip Bandage 1-3/4" X 2" - 40/boxHeavy Duty Elastic Fingertip Bandages - Front View$5.41
Hart Health Triple Antibiotic Ointment - 10/unit boxTriple antibiotic ointment in a 10 count unit box - front view$2.37
Hart Health Large Flexible Fabric Elastic Tufflex Fingertip Bandage 1-3/4" X 3" - 25/boxHeavy Duty Extra Large Fingertip Bandages - Front View$5.46
Hart Health Waterproof Adhesive Tape - 1" 1/roll1$2.73
Flexible Fabric Elastic Tufflex Knuckle Bandage 1-1/2" x 3" - 40/boxHeavy Duty Elastic Knuckle Bandages - Front View$5.51
Latex Exam Gloves Large - 100/box - Latex Exam Gloves Large - 100/boxLatex exam gloves, large - 100 box front view$11.29
Liteflex Patch Woven Flexible Elastic Bandage 2" x 3" - 25/box$4.73
Red Biohazard Bags - 2/bagsRed Biohazard Bags - 2/bags - front view$0.73
Flexible Fabric Tufflex Elastic Mini Strip Bandage 5/8" X 1-1/2" - 50/boxHeavy Duty Small Strip Bandages - Front View$3.41
Traveler First Responder KitThe Traveler First Responder Kit - front view$75.50
Hydrogen Peroxide First Aid Antiseptic Spray - 2 fluid oz. pump bottleHydrogen peroxide spray 2 oz. pump bottle - front view$2.99
Traveler First Responder Kit Bag - EmptyEmpty Traveler First Responder Bag -Front view$20.95
Large Instant Ice Pack Bulk Pack - 25/boxLarge instant ice pack bulk pack 25/box - open view$45.60
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