Auto Wash Enterprises First Aid Supply Inventory Worksheet

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Product nameImagePriceQuantityProduct nameImagePriceQuantity
4” Bandage Compress With Tape - 1/unit box4$1.99
Sterile Gauze Pads 3" x 3" 10/BOXSterile Gauze Pads - 3$2.21
Large Sterile Gauze Compress 24" x 72" - 1/unit boxLarge compress 24$2.43
Rolled Gauze Bandage 2" x 4.1yds - 1/bandageRolled Gauze Bandage - 2$0.98
Sterile Eye Pads with Adhesive Strips - 4/unit boxSterile eye pads unit - front view$2.02
Rolled Gauze Bandage 3" X 4.1 yards -1/bandageRolled Gauze Bandage 3$1.73
Triangular Bandage 40" X 40" X 52"Triangle bandage in a unit box - front view$1.52
Rolled Gauze Bandage 4" x 4.1yds - 1/bandage4$1.97
Latex Exam Gloves - 2 pair/bagLatex exam gloves, two pair bag.$0.95
Hdrogel Burn Gel - 6/box20sd6 Burnfreeburngel$3.99
3" Cotton Tipped Applicators - 100/vial - 3" Cotton Tip Applicators 100/Vial3$2.47
Newly Revised for ANSI Z308.1-2015 First Aid GuideFirst Aid Guide - front view$2.05
First Aid Eye Wash - 4 fluid oz.4 oz. sterile eyewash - front view$3.37
Flexible Fabric Elastic Strip Tufflex Bandage 1" x 3" 50/BoxFinger Wrap Extra Long Bandages - front view$4.41
Disposable Eye Cups - 6/vialDisposable eye cups - 6/vial - exterior view$2.98
Tufflex Flexible Fabric Extra-Long Elastic Finger Wrap Bandage 3/4" X 4-3/4" - 25/BoxFinger Wrap Extra Long Bandages - front view$3.41
Large Instant Ice Pack - 1/ice packLarge instant ice pack - front view$2.19
Flexible Fabric Elastic Tufflex Fingertip Bandage 1-3/4Heavy Duty Elastic Fingertip Bandages - Front View$5.41
Steel First Aid Kit ScissorsFirst Aid Kit Scissors - side view$0.81
Large Flexible Fabric Elastic Tufflex Fingertip Bandage 1-3/4Heavy Duty Extra Large Fingertip Bandages - Front View$5.46
Disposable Metal Kit TweezerMetal Kit Tweezers - left view$0.92
Flexible Fabric Elastic Tufflex Knuckle Bandage 1-1/2Heavy Duty Elastic Knuckle Bandages - Front View$5.51
Disposable Splinter Out Probe - 10/packDisposable Splinter Out Probe - 10/pack - front view$3.09
Large Flexible Fabric Elastic Tufflex Large Patch 2Tufflex Patch 2$6.35
Cetafen Non-Aspirin Tablets - 50 packet/boxCetafen non-aspirin tablets 50 packet box - front view$4.54
Flexible Fabric Tufflex Elastic Mini Strip Bandage 5/8Heavy Duty Small Strip Bandages - Front View$3.41
Exaprin Extra-Strength Pain Reliever - 50 packet/boxExaprin extra-strength pain reliever 50 packet box - front view$6.71
Antiseptic/Anesthetic First Aid Spray - 2 fluid oz. pump bottlePump antiseptic spray2 oz. - front view$3.66
Ibuprofen Pain Reliever Tablets - 50 packet/boxGeneric Ibuprofen tablets in a 50 packet box - front view$8.06
Hydrogen Peroxide First Aid Antiseptic Spray - 2 fluid oz. pump bottleHydrogen peroxide spray 2 oz. pump bottle - front view$2.99
Medique Back Pain-Off - 50 packet/boxMedique Back Pain-Off - 50 packet box front view$14.65
Burn Spray External Analgesic and Antiseptic - 2 fluid oz. pump sprayPump Burn Spray 2 oz. - front view$3.60
Fem-Prin Menstrual Relief - 50 packet/boxFem-Prim Menstrual Relief Tablets - front view$6.99
Blood Clotting Spray Topical Analgesic - 3 oz. aerosolBlood clotting spray, 3 oz. - front view$8.99
Nutralox Antacid Tablets - 50 packet/boxNutralox antacid tablets 50 packet box - front view$6.08
Alcohol Wipes/Prep Pads - 50/boxAlcohol Wipes 50 count box - front view$2.76
Sudo-Tab PE Sinus Decongestant - 50 packet/boxSudo-Tab PE sinus decongestant - 50 packet box front view$6.39
Triple Antibiotic Ointment - 25/boxTriple Antibiotic Ointment, .5 gram, 25/box - front view$4.37
Cetafen Cough and Cold Relief - 50 packet/boxCetafen Cough and Cold Tablets - Front View$11.16
Anti-Itch Hydrocortisone Cream - 25/boxAnti-itch Hydrocortisone Cream 1% - .9 gram foil doses - front view$4.49
Therastat Menthol Cough Lozenges - 125/boxTherastat Cough Lozenges - 125/box - front view$8.05
Tri-Cut Waterproof Adhesive Tape - 1/rollThree cut adhesive tape on a spool with cover.$3.85
Medi-Lyte Electrolyte Replenisher - 50 packet/boxMedi-Lyte Electrolyte Replenisher 50 packet box - front view$7.65
Imodium-Type Generic Anti-Diarrheal - 12/boxGeneric anti-diarrheal tablets in 12 count box - front view$4.50
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