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Spring Time 2006

Fabulous Four For Spring
Here it is spring time and many of us are preparing to work and play outdoors. As the season changes, our first aid focus changes as well and so an appropriate time arrive to discuss some of our seasonal first aid favorites!
Starting out with a brand new product from the makers of the Sam Splint, Blist-O-Ban is a break through product for the treatment of blisters. This product is excellent before or after the blister damage is done.
So for all you hikers with new boots to break in or marathon runners with a nagging friction problem on your foot, here is the product for you. Please let me add that you don’t have to be an athlete to really appreciate this fabulous new product. Anyone with an annoying blister or blister starter will love Blist-O-Ban.
I had a call from a customer that was going to have his Mom try them on her bed sores. If we get some feedback on that application we’ll make sure and post it.
Of course you can get this fine product at our website here: Blisto-O-Ban
The next product we want to bring to you attention for spring is Burn Free Burn Gel. Burn Free is one of the most popular burn treatment products we’ve ever sold and for good reason. Nothing works as well.
Burn Free is a hydrogel, which means it acts as a very effecient heat exchange and literally pulls the heat out of a burn easing the pain and reducing the damage a burn can do. Although hydrogels have been around for more that twenty years, many people still don’t realize what a versatile product Burn Free is, especially in the Spring Time Context.
Because the weather improves we tend to want to go out and enjoy being out doors and although it will be some time before we start getting sunburned up North, spring time sun burns are not unheard of. Yeah, Burn Free Burn Gel is great on sunburns! We recommend you stock up now so you will be ready when it happens.
Of course you can get it at our website here: Get Burn Free Burn Gel
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BleedArrest Nasal Sponges stop nosebleeds fast!

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