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Introducing BleedArrest(TM)

BleedArrest(TM) from Hemostasis LLC, is the new kid on the block in the exciting new area of stop bleeding products. We are thrilled to introduce our readers and customers to this cutting edge line of products.
BleedArrest(TM) brings some convincing advantages to the stop bleeding product line up.
BleedArrest(TM) Nasal Sponge
First off we were delighted to find a replacement product for the Seal-On Nasal Sponges which are no longer manufactured here in the United States. The Seal-On product was a very popular item and we are confident that the BleedArrrest product will fill the void handily. Not only are the BleedArrest nasal sponges effective, at about half the price of the Seal-On product, they are cost competitive as well.
Currently we are offering the Nasal Sponges and the BleedArrest Combo Pack.
The Combo Pack comes with two of the Nasal Sponges and one of their multiple use 5 gram bellows. The bellows which you can have a look at here BleedArrest Bellows
The bellows is an innovative new delivery concept for a stop bleeding powder. This type of delivery system allows for accurate delivery and multiple use potential.
BleedArrest is made in the United States and is an all natural product safe for all ages, easy to use and physician recommended. BleedArrest stops the bleeding instantly without a burning or stinging sensation and is safe for patients that are on blood thinners.
So, what is BleedArrest? BleedArrest(TM) contains PolyFlex(TM) Natural Clotting PolymerNCP(TM) which is an advanced natrual biopolymer scientists have developed to be configurred into a flowable particle or advanced hemostatic spong to control sever external bleeding within seconds.
In everyday language the BleedArrest particles when applied to blood rapidly absorbs the water out of the blood so that coagulation can happen instantly. Simple and effective.
Get some for your first aid kit today!BleedArrest Watch the graphic video below to see just how effective BleedArrest really is. Be warned however that the video is very graphic. (Not recommended for the squeamish)

For something a little less graphic see the BleedArrest TV commercial below.

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ANSI Z308.1-2009 do it yourself resources.

BleedArrest(TM) BleedArrest Nasal Sponges stop nosebleeds fast! BleedArrest(TM)

BleedArrest Nasal Sponges stop nosebleeds fast!

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