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BleedArrest(TM) Foam Strips

Stop nosebleeds fast!
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28BACP1 $12.63

BleedArrest Foam Strips from Hemostasis, LLC stops bleeding fast.

Convenient 1/2" x 1-1/2" foam nasal strips are provided in our BleedArrest™ nasal kit of 5 foam strips each. Each foam strip is manufactured from our novel clotting powders and is easily and comfortably placed inside the nostril. Once inside the nose, the foam strips will act to absorb the water from the blood cells and rapidly concentrate platelets, serum, and fibrinogen, forming a clot at the site of the bleeding. No need for, painful electro cautery, powders that can burn or 50 feet of nasal packing. Just one small foam strip inside the nose works effectively to stop nasal bleeding.

BleedArrest™ foam strips for Nasal are easily inserted into the nostril, pressing on the outside of the nose with the index finger for at least 3 minutes then gently remove the Nasal Foam. Occasionally, nosebleeds are heavy and may require a second application.